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What sets us apart?


It is no secret that all martial arts schools are not the same. In order to become the best, you must learn from the best. When looking for a martial arts school, here are some guidelines you should follow.


1.    A highly skilled Grandmaster Instructor to supervise all classes and instructors.

2.    A well-padded, bright training area with a variety of safe training equipment.

3.    A flexible schedule allows a minimum of two classes per week.

4.    A school which welcomes you to observe their classes at any time.

5.    A school which has qualified Master instructors.

6.    A program which incorporates the philosophy of martial arts into the classes, not just the techniques. Mental growth is just as important as physical growth in Martial  Arts.

7.    A supportive, relaxed atmosphere where each                individual is challenged to do their best.

8.    A school that encourages you to talk with current students and their parents.

9.    A Martial Arts program that fits you!!

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