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Youth Classes

Ages 7-13

We teach your child to become a positive role model and a leader of tomorrow!


From the moment your child steps inside our training hall until they bow out of class, they are challenged to new levels of focus, discipline, and personal achievement by the caring U.S. Martial Arts Academy instructors.  Through our martial arts training, our students learn physical, mental and emotional lessons that will impact all areas of their lives.  Our parents have happily reported the "spill over" effect of U.S. Martial Arts Academy training: self esteem, respect, generally improved behavior, overall physical fitness, and even improved school grades.  We teach our students the importance of using Martial Arts properly, giving them the confidence to avoid aggression and attract positivity. Our students also learn to believe in themselves, and achieve through creating and meeting their personal goals.


Call or stop by today to experience how our martial arts education can make a difference in your child's life!

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