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Demonstration Team

The U.S. Martial Arts Demo Team is all about taking students to the next level! This elite team will help dedicated students learn how to showcase their unique skills, build their confidence, and develop teamwork skills. Each member of the Demo Team will receive close attention from Master Lee in order to develop in each of these areas. The Demo Team will benefit athletes in Martial Arts as well as many other areas of their life!

We are looking for students who are passionate about martial arts to join our Demo Team. We hope that each student will look forward to showcasing their skills and competing in various tournaments. Participating in this team will build a lot of character and can even boost a student’s resume outside of the training room!

Joining the Demo Team requires a lot of dedication and commitment. We accept student who have exceptional skills and show great potential in martial arts. We are looking for students who are excited to showcase their skills in public through competitions and tournaments. This is an elite team; each member will have an exceptional skillset and attitude.

We expect each member of the team to put in a lot of hard work to improve their skills. This is not only limited to martial arts, but also their social skills and their ability to work within a team. We also ask that our Demo Team students commit to their scheduled training hours in order to have the most powerful impact on their development.

We are so proud of our current Demo Team. Members include Jacob, Peobee, Micah, Cooper, James,Safi,Sydney,Zavian and JB! We hope to add your student’s name to this list very soon!

Or call (630) 790-0097 for more information.

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