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Teen / Adult Classes

Ages 14+

Let us help you cultivate skills that will bring you success not only on the mat but in your life!


Self-Discipline, mental focus, stress management, physical fitness, greater confidence, overall physical and mental well-being, are just some of the benefits you can reap from training with us here at U.S. Martial Arts Academy. We offer flexible class times to fit any schedule and Instructors that can nurture your martial arts training from a beginner's level all the way up to Instructor Level Training and beyond.  Grand Master Lee's approach focuses on the Martial component through structural training and total relaxation to get the most energetic, powerful & practical technique, while protecting your body.  He also teaches Art through different forms, creativity, humility, dedication, and passion. 


So what are you waiting for?  Come start training on a path to becoming stronger, younger, and better you TODAY!

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