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In order for students to graduate onto their next belt rank, they must know their present belt curriculum. This means that the students should take the time to review the curriculum taught by the Academy by practicing at home.

Furthermore, please note that the instructors will hold pre-tests/pre-evaluation a couple of weeks leading up to the scheduled Belt Test. When a student demonstrates their assigned curriculum properly, they will receive belt tips around their belt. The student must earn 4 belt tips (details below) in order to qualify to test for their next rank. If there are questions regarding the curriculum studies, please see one of the instructors.

  1. Red Belt Tip: Form View Ki Bon Dul at the bottom of the page. (Note: Be sure to just watch the first ​​"Front View" and practice watching the "Back View").

  2. Yellow Belt Tip: Board Breaking:

    1. Knife Hand (sideways or downwards)​

    2. Scissor Sidekick (front foot)

  3. Orange Belt Tip: Children's Home Rules (1-6):

    1. Children must show respect to their parents and family members.​

    2. Children shall greet their parents when they enter the house and tell them goodbye when they leave the house.

    3. Children shall be truthful.

    4. Children will maintain a good relationship with their brothers and sisters.

    5. Children must help with household chores.

    6. Children must keep their rooms neat and clean.

  4. Green Tip: 2-on-1 Sparring

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